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Is Your Data Secured?
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The minute you connect to the internet, there is someone somewhere who can access your sensitive information that you transmit or receive from your device. All your information is vulnerable. All cloud companies claim to protect your data, but they control your encryption keys. So do you really think your data is protected?

Galaxkey is an end-to-end information security product that helps you secure your sensitive data in store and in transit. You have complete control of your security. Talk to us and we will help you protect data now and comply with the regulations.

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Galaxkey - protect data now

Galaxkey is a data protection product that protects email, documents and any data using access control and an encryption platform. The data can be protected on any device, in any cloud, network, or platform.

The Galaxkey platform is flexible and extensible and it offers data protection by offering access control and enhanced confidentiality whilst maintain the integrity of the data in transit and when stored whilst maintaining the highest level of availability to authorised users. Galaxkey provides end to end security in an easy to use platform.


Email Security

When you send an email, its like sending an open postcard. Anyone can read the contents of your email. Galaxkey can help you secure your email in store as well as transit.

Document Security

Getting access to someones machine is now very easy and further to access confidential data is even easier. Galaxkey helps you protect your sensitive data in any file format.

Cloud Security

Store files in Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Drive or iCloud without any worry. Galaxkey can secure the files before they are loaded to the cloud storage.

Secure Share

Share documents securely to others via the Galaxkey Platform. The files are secured and only the recipient can access the files.



Complete End-To-End Security

Galaxkey provides complete end-to-end security for emails and documents. Once this data is secured at the source device (machine or mobile), the data is restored only at the destination or the recipient’s device. There is no intermediate server or software to secure the data.


Support For Corporates & Individuals

Only system in the market that supports both corporate and individual account types. It seamlessly integrates them into the Galaxkey architecture. Corporate account support completes administrative control of the Galaxkey identities.


Complex encryption

Galaxkey utilises complex industry standard encryption algorithms which are FIPS 140-2 complaint and 2048 bit keys along with AES256. You have complete peace of mind with your data being secured. The algorithms employ a hybrid combination of Symmetric and Asymmetric encryption. The process of encryption and decryption is extremely fast to adapt to the high speed computing requirements.


Automated invitations

Galaxkey has an innovative simple invitation module allowing any user to invite their customers or friends to use Galaxkey free of cost. Galaxkey provides you with the freedom to use any device to send secure emails or document to new recipients making the invitation process a “No brainer”



Our solution ensures that you receive a receipt for delivery of the secure email or once it has been accessed by the recipient. The recipient will not be able to access the secured information unless he accepts the notification, thereby showing proof of recorded delivery.


Single identity

Each user has a single unique identity that will work across multiple devices and clients. This identity will allow you to manage all your email addresses under one umbrella. This identity is securely stored in the cloud.


Multi-Platform Support

Galaxkey is available as an Addin for Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007/2010/2013 and 2016. The Galaxkey client is also available for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices


Support for Multi Factor Authentication

With complete support for App based and SMS based MFA, Galaxkey provides another level of security to the offering. This functionality provides another layer of security before you are able to access your data securely over the web.


On-Premise Setup

For corporates requiring complete control of their encryption keys (generation, storage and management), Galaxkey provides a very elegant solution. The On-Premise solution also support integration with industry standard HSM.

Other significant features include…

  • Easy to use and quick to deploy
  • Free for individual users
  • Emails encrypted in transit and in store (sent items)
  • Ability to view emails without a client installation (Web Access)
  • Policy model to auto encrypt based on definable rules
  • Set timeouts to encrypted emails
  • Geo-fence emails

  • Add digital signatures from any device
  • Encrypt documents with a click of a mouse button
  • Encrypt documents for multiple users
  • Easily share encrypted documents with groups
  • Complete AD and OKTA integration
  • Easy corporate administrative access
  • Stop forward and reply of emails
  • Tamper proof emails

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Experience the best-in-class data protection solutions and how they can address the security challenges of your enterprise. Explore our key features and capabilities with a demo.

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