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IT organizations focus on the traditional security of networks and servers and ensuring systems and application management for day to day business operations. However in the digital age with sensitive data residing in laptops and mobile devices accessible outside company secure networks via VPN is always open to security breach which is often not part of the IT strategy.

As data is backbone of almost all business hence its protection should be a cause of concern for business leaders ensuring controls in place for employees that have access to sensitive information. Data Protection needs to go beyond just nework security!



Galaxkey - protect data now

Galaxkey is a data protection product that protects email, documents and any data using access control and an encryption platform. The data can be protected on any device, in any cloud, network, or platform.

The Galaxkey platform is flexible and extensible and it offers data protection by offering access control and enhanced confidentiality. It maintains the integrity of the data both in transit and when stored whilst maintaining the highest level of availability to authorized users. Galaxkey provides end to end security in an easy to use platform.

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