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About Edgeworth Technologies


Edgeworth Technologies develops fintech solutions and partners with leading companies to provide data protection & IoT based products in pursuit of simplifying user experience & making businesses sustainable through innovation and security. As part of continuous development, we are always looking to add new products and services to achieve our ambition of developing SMART nations & organizations. We partner with leading companies having products and services in line with our vision that want to either enter or expand in Asia Pacific market.


Edgeworth Technologies mission is to develop and promote futuristic solutions providing ultra secure data protection and IoT based technology. Edgeworth aims to maximize our clients business opportunities by improving productivity and make them sustainable by eliminating data risks


To help companies stay safe and dynamic in the digital world through innovative solutions. To be the trusted partner for enabling business through technology


Data security & productivity improvement is at the heart of everything we do


Charles Willaim
Executive Director
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V V Raghavan
Managing Director
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