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Edgeworth Technologies – data protection & IoT based products made easy

Helping businesses stay safe and
relevant in the digital age

Edgeworth Technologies develops fintech solutions and partners with leading companies to provide data protection & IoT based products in pursuit of simplifying user experience & making businesses sustainable through innovation and security. As part of continuous development, we are always looking to add new products and services to achieve our ambition of developing SMART nations & organizations. We partner with leading companies having products and services in line with our vision that want to either enter or expand in Asia Pacific market.


We provide business critical solutions like high end data protection and remote management to improve productivity


Galaxkey is a data protection product that protects email, documents and any data using access control and an encryption platform. The data can be protected on any device, in any cloud, network, or platform.

The Galaxkey platform is flexible and extensible and it offers data protection by offering access control and enhanced confidentiality. It maintains the integrity of the data both in transit and when stored whilst maintaining the highest level of availability to authorized users. Galaxkey provides end to end security in an easy to use platform.

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Get your free Data Protection Index

Discover how secure your data is and receive your no obligation data protection consultation to discuss the findings.

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